Instagram Video Becomes Latest Social Network Craze

The new Instagram Video has become an internet sensation among celebrities and regular users. INSIDE EDITION shows you how to do it.

Justin Bieber tried out the brand-new social-media craze, Instagram Video.

Madonna also got in on the act, showing fans how to dance. Other early users included Ludacris, just-out-of-jail Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, and Kim Kardashian's kid sister, Kylie Jenner.

Instagram is used for posting photos, but it just began allowing people to post videos. Clips are limited to 15 seconds, in contrast to rival Vine, where videos have to be six seconds or less.

Using Instagram Video is very easy. You download it right to your smart phone or tablet, press record and begin your video.

Bieber giggled his way through his 15 seconds. Plenty of non-celebrities also took advantage of day one of Instagram Video. One guy posted a eyebrow dance.

Maybe one day, Instagram videos will have their own awards ceremony, “The Instagrammys.”