Nigella Lawson's Husband Speaks Out

Charles Saatchi is speaking about the photos taken of him which seem to show him choking his wife, celebrity chef Nigella Lawsson. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

You're not going to believe how celebrity chef Nigella Lawson's husband is explaining the choking photos that made headlines around the world.

Billionaire advertising tycoon Charles Saatchi says they weren't fighting at the London restaurant. He was actually trying to get snot out of her nose.
He says he was trying to clean his wife's nose.

"Even domestic goddesses have a bit of snot in their nose. I was trying to fish it out," he said.

Even though one photo does appear to show him picking Nigella's nose, his story is sure to get lots of ridicule.

Nigella hosts a popular cooking show on the Food Network, and is a judge on the ABC reality show The Taste.

But the photographer who captured the shocking images is telling a very different story.

"Twenty seven minutes of madness" is how he describes the incident. The photographer claims he saw Nigella in tears.

He says, "What I saw outside that restaurant isn't something you can brush under the carpet."