Brutal Home Invasion Caught On Tape

A horrific scene unfolds when a burglar breaks into a house and attacks a mother in front of her 4-year-old daughter. The graphic assault was all caught on a nanny cam. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's a scene played out in homes across the country every morning of dad spending some precious moments with his family before leaving for work.

But their world is about to be shattered by a vicious home invasion and it was all captured on their nanny cam.

It happened on a quiet street in Millburn, New Jersey, a leafy suburb not far from Manhattan. After dad left, mom settled down to watch cartoons with her 4-year-old. Her year-old baby was napping upstairs. That’s when evil came calling.

You could hear the terrifying moment the intruder breaks down the back door.

There was nowhere to run. He charged in and pummeled the defenseless young mother.

He left her dazed and bleeding as he searched the house for valuables. But the assault was far from over. As the brave young mom attempted to rise, he came down the stairs and kicked her in the face.

She tried to get up again but he sent her flying with an upper cut.

The assault ceased when he spotted her wedding ring and took it. Then, he pinned her to the floor and punched her repeatedly.

All this time her four-year-old daughter sat frozen on the couch.

In one final sickening act, the hulking brute picked the woman up, dragged her to the basement door and threw her down the stairs.

When he finally ran off, the house is eerily silent but for the sound of the cartoons on the TV.

The little girl didn’t move as minutes ticked by. Somehow, the brave mom mustered the strength to struggle out of the basement.

Her first order of business was to comfort her daughter. Then, she rushed upstairs to make sure the baby was okay. She dialed 911. Within moments the police were on the scene.

Neighbors are shocked.

The victim told reporters if this could happened to her it could happen to anyone.

INSIDE EDITION security expert Steve Kardian showed us some simple ways you can protect yourself from a home invader.

Kardian used a security bar, saying, "This will sure up even the weakest of doors. After you lock the door, you put it underneath and kick the grommet in and it's going to sure up your door and make it much, much stronger then it normally would. "

Kardian recommends you have a safe room. A room with one door and no windows that can be quickly secured.

Kardian said, "You hear crashing, banging? Up right away, grab the child, run to that safe room and secure yourself in there."