INSIDE EDITION Obtains Paula Deen's Police Report

INSIDE EDITION has obtained Paula Deen's hand-written police report of the bank robbery from years ago that has become a focus of the current scandal she is in.

We're learning new details about that fateful bank robbery that ignited the racist controversy surrounding Paula Deen.

In a police report exclusively obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Paula Deen tells what happened in her own handwriting.

"The man was wearing a home made mask (green) ... very nervous but was also very abrupt and demanding, he never took the gun out of my face," Deen wrote. "The robber held a small worn paper sack, he said fill it up, fill it up and quick, fill it with $100 bills ... Never taking the gun off of me."

Incredibly the report also contains a statement from the bank robber. In it, he describes Deen, who was working as a bank teller. It was years before she had become famous as a celebrity cook.

"I was surprised when I walked in and saw the lady that was the teller at the window because I knew her from the downtown bank where I normally bank," he wrote. "I thought she would recognize me because there were some holes in the stocking covering my face. I can't remember her name but I know who she is. She is blond, attractive and in her 30's. Please tell her I'm sorry, but I never intended to hurt anyone."

Who knew that incident would spark a national scandal three decades later?

To view the handwritten police report, click on the PDF below.