Supreme Court Ruling Bolsters Gay Marriage

The historic ruling from the Supreme Court on gay rights prompted immediate reaction, from President Obama to many celebrities. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee were talking about the Paula Deen scandal on the Today show when it happened. It was the historic rulings from the Supreme Court on gay rights.

All the broadcast networks broke into regular programming.

The plaintiffs and their lawers walked down the steps of the court with arms raised in victory. 

Jan Crawford of CBS News reported, "This is being described now as a big win for advocates of gay rights."

Cheers erupted in San Francisco City Hall.

And during live coverage on MSNBC,  President Obama called from Air Force One to extend his congratulations.

Celebrities immediately took to Twitter.  

From Ricky Martin: "Justice for all! "

Ben Affleck says: "Hello equality."

Actress Kristen Bell had vowed she wouldn't marry her boyfriend until everyone had the right to get married. Well, she popped the question to Dax Shepard in a tweet. He had this cheeky response: "Let's bring my big gay marriage to Kristen Bell to life."

But Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee tweeted: "Jesus wept."

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann reacted from Washington, saying, "They attacked something that they have no jurisdiction over whatsoever—the foundational unit of our society, which is marriage."