Paula Deen Dropped By More Sponsors

As public opinion weighs in on Paula Deen's latest effort to repair her image, more companies sever ties to the embattled chef. INSIDE EDITION has the latest reaction.

The backlash against celebrity chef Paula Deen continues today after her tearful apology on the Today show.

Just hours after appearing on the Today show, Deen lost even more endorsement deals. She was dropped by Walmart, Home Depot, and Caesar's Casino. Now, even the health care company Novo Nordisk, Inc., who supplies the diabetes drug Deen endorses, says they are "suspending Deen's services for the time being while she mends her relationship with the public."

Deen was accused by some of shedding crocodile tears during the Today show appearance, so INSIDE EDITION asked: What do you think? Did that interview help repair her image?

In an INSIDE EDITION online poll, 70% of you said yes it did seem sincere, 18% said no it didn't seem sincere, and 12% said it's too soon to tell.

Meanwhile, Paula is getting some support from Martha Stewart. The domestic diva waded into the controversy while appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"I feel sorry for Paula Deen. She's a public figure and I know you have to be extremely careful being a public figure. I don't really want to say whether I agree with it or not, I just feel that you have to really watch yourself," Stewart said.

And Deen is also getting some online support from her fans. They're lashing out at celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis because her show has replaced Paula's on the Food Network in many television markets.

"I am disappointed in food network for replacing paula deen with you. Why couldn't u at least have said something in support of her... Shame on you," one fan wrote.

It seems that whatever she does these days is backfiring. You'll recall Deen finished her Today show apology with the remark, "I is what I is."

As it turns out, that statement is actually the punch line to an offensive racist joke, one that we are not going to share. Not the best way to apologize for using the N-word.