Dog Rescue Chronicled on Video Becomes YouTube Sensational

The journey of an adandoned dog rescued from the streets and placed in a loving home has gone viral on YouTube. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the people who saved Bethany's life.

It's video that will break your heart.

More than four million people have viewed the YouTube clip called "Rescuing Bethany."

The animal rescue group, The Bill Foundation, produced the video and added the music and graphics to help document the abandoned dog's odyssey that started on the streets of Los Angeles.

Annie Hart rescues dogs on a regular basis. She rescued this dog after a good samaritan gave her the location of where it could be found. She gave her the name Bethany.

"We actually thought she wasn't alive," Hart said.

It was touch and go from the minute Bethany was found.  She could hardly walk, she had worms and mange, and had infections in her eyes and bladder.

"Her paws, they were so swollen you could see there was no fur left on them," Hart said.

But now, look at the amazing recovery she's made in just a few short weeks. She's also found a foster home with Rachel Isreal, John Pollack, and their brood of dogs.

"We're all very lucky that she is part of our lives and she's an amazing dog," Pollack said.

It's hard to believe she's the same dog. From death's door, to the loving arms of her new family.

"There was just something about her face and her eyes and we just knew that we had to take her in," Isreal said.