Paula Deen Staff Members Shoot Down Racist Claims

Paula Deen's personal photographer captured some bawdy moments of the embattled chef on a cruise ship, but say she's no racist. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's a side of Paula Deen you didn't see on her cooking shows, performing a raunchy, comedy routine on a cruise ship.

"So what you got to say for yourself. You (bleep)" Deen said to one passenger. 

In one moment, she singles out an audience member who's wearing a kilt.

"Do you have on underwear under there?"

And then proceeds to expose the guy's underwear.

"Bend over and let everybody see what you got under your kilt," said Deen.

During a cooking demonstration, she smacks one chef on the butt and grabs her bust.

O'Neal Bailey shot a never-before-seen video on a Paula Deen cruise in 2008. He has worked as  Paula's personal photographer for the past eight years and he says while the TV chef can be bawdy, she is no racist.

"She's a joker but as far as being a racist, I've never seen that," said Bailey.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Bailey, "Did she ever use the N-word to describe you?"

"No sir. I have never, ever heard her use the N-word to describe anybody in my presence," said Bailey.

In fact, on the video she shows a deep regard for her long-time African-American employees—two cooks who have worked for her since the beginning of her career when she was a struggling restaurant owner in Savannah, Georgia.

"I couldn't do without these two women. They are like some of my chosen family. I just love them to death," said Deen.

And there was a tender moment with her bodyguard, Hollis Johnson when Deen told the crowd, "Y'all, Hollis is a great guy."

And we're learning new details about that plantation-themed wedding that Paula Deen was  supposedly planning for her brother, Bubba with African-American waiters posing as slaves.

Now, the wedding singer is speaking out, saying, "It wasn't a plantation wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and it was right in the backyard of Paula's home."

Kim Michael Polote says she has known Paula Deen for 16 years. She even sang at Deen's 2004 wedding to her second husband, Michael Groover.

"This woman is not a racist. I've been around her enough to know that she cares about people. She cares about people and she loves them," said Polote.

Bailey said, "She's human. She made a mistake. But who hasn't made a mistake?"