Trayvon Martin's Friend Continues Testy Testimony

It was the second day of testimony from Trayvon Martin's friend who has become the topic of online chatter for her short and sometimes sarcastic remarks. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Trayvon Martin's friend took the stand again at the George Zimmerman trial today and, before long, you could cut the tension with a knife as she was grilled by Zimmerman's lawyer.

At one point, she responded to his question with this statement: "That's real retarded, sir."

Nineteen-year-old Rachel Jeantel was on the phone with Travyon as he described a man following him that night.

Her voice was often heavy with sarcasm as she was cross-examined Thursday. Zimmerman's lawyer questioned her about her conversation with Martin.

"You thought Trayvon Martin would approach a man he'd never seen in his life?" Zimmerman's lawyer asked.

"I did not say Trayvon approached the man, sir," Jeantel replied.

She looked exasperated and she was testy with Zimmerman's lawyer. She sometimes had her head in her hands.

At one point Wednesday, Jeantel vocally expressed surprise when the judge asked Zimmerman's lawyer how much longer his questioning might last and he told her it would last a couple more hours.

So, is Jeantel helping the prosecution's case, or hurting it?

An MSNBC correspondent stated, "There's such a wide, divergent set of views about this witness. I've heard people say that she's fantastic, she's real, she's completely credible. I've heard people say, she's a liar, I don't believe anything she says."

And CNN correspondent Sunny Hostin said, "I was pretty close to the jury in the jury room. They were leaning forward, they were listening to every single word she was saying. They certainly were engaged. What has been interesting is that she has been very consistent."

Jeantel came to court in a frilly blouse, under a dark jacket, and wearing a pendant that read "love." She's become an online sensation, both negative and positive.

"Rachel Jeantel's testimony is real, she is believable," says one observer.

"She is a disrespectful liar," says another.

Ultimately, it's a call the jury will have to make.