NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Arrested On Murder Charge

Charged with murder, Aaron Hernandez is the latest NFL player to be arrested. INSIDE EDITION looks at his case and the list of criminal allegations plaguing the NFL.

Will a wad of bubble gum help convict NFL star Aaron Hernandez?

Hernandez was seen on surveillance video buying Bubbalicious cotton candy flavored bubble gum at a gas station convenience store just over an hour before the murder. Cops say they found a chewed-up piece of blue gum was found under the seat of Hernandez's rented car along with a shell casing from the alleged murder weapon. The gum is being examined for DNA evidence.

Private Investigator Nicholas Casale told INSIDE EDITION, "Gum is a sponge. It's going to contain DNA. Now, you're going to have direct linkage of the DNA right next to a shell casing that was used in the homicide."

Hernandez is accused of the execution-style murder of his friend, 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. And he isn't the only NFL star facing criminal charges.

Since the Super Bowl last February, an astonishing 27 NFL players have been arrested on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to attempted murder

WFAN reporter Joe Benigno told INSIDE EDITION, "Violence is what they do when they're on the field, and you know, maybe that translates off the field, which is certainly not a good thing. It's certainly something that the National Football League ins't very proud of."

Seven players were charged with driving drunk. Three were arrested on drug charges, and three for assault. One player was charged with child abuse. Another with burglary.

Now, Hernandez is facing the most seriouis charge of all: murder in the first degree.  

Benigno said, "When you look at a sport where it's so violent by nature, I think you're going to have this kind of thing."