Hilaria Baldwin Denies Tweeting At James Gandolfini Funeral

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Hilaria Baldwin to get her reaction to a report that she was tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral.

Alec Baldwin's pregnant wife, Hilaria is clearly furious over reports that she tweeted during the funeral of actor James Gandolfini.

Hilaria told INSIDE EDITION, "I never come out and talk, but I don't believe in bringing your phone into church. Do you understand that? Somebody with a computer decides to write a lot of lies and it really hurts! It really hurts!"

The controversy erupted when the London dailymail.co.uk reported: "Alec Baldwin's pregnant wife Hilaria TWEETS about Rachael Ray and anniversary gifts during James Gandolfini's funeral."

Hillaria was distraught over the accusation.

"We're not bad people. We're not bad people," she insisted.

So, what really happened?

Computer forensic expert John Lusic told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent that the Daily Mail reporter, who is based in Los Angeles may have mixed up time zones.

"Twitter, the way it is designed will always tell you the local time, not of the tweet, but where you are," said Lusic.

At 2:09 p.m. in New York, Hilaria tweeted: "What did you do for your first wedding anniversary? What did you give your partner? Ours is coming up!"

But to the Daily Mail reporter based in Los Angeles, the tweet was time stamped 11:09 a.m. because Los Angeles is three hours behind New York.

He appears to have thought it meant 11:09 a.m. in New York, when Hilaria was inside the funeral.

"If the reporter got it wrong he owes her an apology," said Lusic.

The Daily Mail says it is seeking "urgent clarification" from Twitter about the timing of the tweets. Hillaria is confused too.

"There is something with the timeline, I don't understand it. I don't understand Twitter," said Hilaria.

Another tweet sent by Hilaria is causing controversy. It went out  at 11:47 a.m. New York time, just as the funeral was ending.

"Making smoothies with @rachael_ray on the @rachaelrayshow!"  Hilaria tweeted.

That was a reference to her appearance on the Rachael Ray show that aired yesterday. 

Hilaria told INSIDE EDITION she left James Gandofini's funeral early because she felt ill and never tweeted from inside the cathedral.

"I was feeling faint and I had to go and get water. It was very hot in there. This is between me and God and my last respects to Jimmy. And the fact that people have made it about other things is really shameful," she said.