Anna Nicole Smith's Family Views Lifetime Movie

INSIDE EDITION sat down with the family of Anna Nicole Smith as they watched the TV movie about her life that was tragically cut short.

It was an emotional moment as Anna Nicole Smith's sister watched Anna Nicole's tragic life unfold on television.

Donna Hogan's eyes filled with tears as she watched the new Lifetime movie starring actress Agnes Bruckner as Anna Nicole. One of the hardest scenes to watch was one of the brief time in her life when both of Anna Nicole's children were alive.  

"That was probably the happiest moment in her whole life. And it only lasted for hours," Donna said as she watched.

Anna Nicole's son, Danny died of a drug overdose not long after her daughter was born.

Donna watched the movie with Anna Nicole's other sister, Amy Chapman. The viewing party in San Antonio was filled with Anna Nicole's family. Anna Nicole's niece, Kayla and great niece, Mackenzie were both in attendance. Lexi is another niece who went to the film.

But it wasn't all tears. The sisters danced in their seats as they watched Anna Nicole's rise from small town pole dancer, to Guess jeans model, to Playmate of the year.

So how did actress Agnes Bruckner do playing the doomed Anna Nicole?

"She actually did a very, very good job of playing my sister," Donna said.

"She nailed it!" Amy stated.

The sisters say they had to watch this movie together to stay strong.

"People don't realize that this is real life for us and it hits us hard," Donna said.