Teacher Caught Beating Student Speaks to INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to Sherri Davis, the teacher who was caught on tape beating a student in Houston. See what she has to say about the controversial video that outraged the nation.

She's the teacher caught in that jaw-dropping video beating up a 13-year-old student. Now, in an interview with INSIDE EDITION, Sherri Davis is telling her side of the story about the attack that outraged the nation.

"I don't condone my response. What you see is a rush of emotions that built up, and I'm not excusing that at all. I can't watch it. I turn my head," Davis told INSIDE EDITION.

Davis says a series of tense events lead to her attack on 13-year-old Isahiah Regans.

Just before this, Davis says two students were brawling in the hallway just outside her classroom. When she tried to break up that fight, she says Isahiah and some other students locked the classroom door and began taunting a girl with special needs who had just enrolled at the school.

"My first reaction is to protect a girl that was defenseless. You dont see that on the video. When I heard the shut and lock of the door, I know somebody is in immediate danger so my emotions and adrenaline just start building," said Davis.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "Were you afraid for her life?"

"I was afraid for her life and her situation, yes," said Davis.

Davis, a mother of two boys, says Isahiah had a history of behavioral problems and she was trying to teach him a lesson. But she says she had no intention of hurting him.

McInerney said, "In that video you look like you are ready to pounce. What was going through your mind?"

"My demeanor is to let him know that this was going to stop. I wish it could have stopped right there," said Davis.

McInerney asked, "As a mother yourself, how can you beat a child?"

Davis replied, "A child was in that room that needed my help, and as a mom I'd want someone to protect that child."

Davis was actually voted Teacher Of The Year at the Houston charter school where many students have a history of disciplinary problems. She was fired after cell phone video of the attack surfaced. Davis has hired attorney Lisa Andrews as she now faces a criminal investigation.

McInereny asked, "You could go to jail for this. What do you think about that?"

Davis replied, "Is this the price I pay to defend a child that's in immediate danger. Is this the price I pay for allowing myself to go too far with my emotions?"