New Testimonies Could Help George Zimmerman's Case

Friends of George Zimmerman testified that it's his voice on the 911 call pleading for help, as speculation emerges that the prosecution's case is crumbling. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Drama at the George Zimmerman trial as a parade of witnesses testify that it's Zimmerman's voice screaming for help on a dramatic 911 call moments before Trayvon Martin was shot.

The defense witnesses included a friend of Zimmerman's who said he had heard many men screaming in combat when he served as a paramedic in Vietnam.

"There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that is George Zimmerman. And I wish to God I did not have the ability to understand that," the witness stated.

The disturbing 911 call with the gunshot was being played repeatedly and Trayvon's mom had apparently had enough and left the courtroom.

The 911 call is important because if it's Zimmerman's voice shouting for help, that would support his claims of self-defense.

But Trayvon Martin's mother has testified that it's her son, not Zimmerman who is shouting for help in the recording.

Meanwhile, some court watchers say the trial is going Zimmerman's way. Some headlines say the prosecution's case is crumbling.

The New York Times said today that Zimmerman's defense lawyers have, "chipped away at the prosecution's case, raising the possibility of an acquittal."

ABC News Chief Legal Affairs anchor Dan Abrams predicts Zimmerman won't be convicted of murder or manslaughter.

Abrams told INSIDE EDITION, "As a legal matter, it's tough to see how a jury concludes beyond a reasonable doubt, that it wasn't self defense. I think most of us felt that the second-degree murder charge was overreaching by prosecutors from the beginning."