Boyfriend Scares Girlfriend With TV Ghost Prank

A woman woke up to a terrifying ghost popping out of her TV, and now the YouTube video is a sensation! INSIDE EDITION has the how-to guide on this extravagent prank.

A woman was asleep on the couch when she got the shock of her life. She woke up to find a monster lunging out of the TV.

But don't worry; it wasn't a real demon. It's just an elaborate prank by her boyfriend.

James Williams planned the prank for weeks. He got the idea from a creepy scene in the horror movie The Ring, where a ghost crawls out of the TV into the viewer's living room.

He constructed a figure out of rubber gloves, balloons, and raggedy clothes. When his girlfriend fell asleep, he sprung his trap by attaching the figure to his TV. Who wouldn't be terrified?

Williams comforted his shaken girlfriend after she realized she'd been pranked.