Obamas Host Their Second State Dinner

The Obamas hosted their second White House state dinner for Mexico's President and his wife. INSIDE EDITION reports on the star-studded affair.

It was the first state dinner since last year's notorious gate crashing incident, and the glamorous affair was a smashing success.

The evening began with the First Lady making sure the President was in top form, tenderly wiping an eyelash from his cheek and brushing off his tux.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood were there, but all eyes were on Michelle Obama, who dazzled in a blue one-shouldered gown. The First Lady's shimmering gown was a look more Hollywood red carpet than White House state dinner, and it's getting high marks.

The invitees included Eva Longoria Parker, who was the best dressed guest in a tangerine draped gown.

George Lopez cracked a joke as he made his entrance, saying, "I'm sitting with the President. They didn't tell me which country."

Beyoncé headlined the performers, and debuted a radically different look—a flowing blonde do. The Obama girls were allowed to stay up to watch her sing.

The perfectly planned event was designed to prove that things have changed since last year's embarrassing security slip, when the gate crashing Salahi's famously marred the Obamas' first state dinner.

The changes include a new no-nonsense social secretary, Julianna Smoot, who zoomed past photographers and replaced ousted Obama friend Desiree Rogers. Guests passed through three checkpoints and were questioned multiple times. Whoopi Goldberg was one of the guests.

"They had so much security. You had to stop the car. You had to walk 25 miles. Then they had to check you," said Goldberg on The View.

There was one small slip-up by the White House Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall. She seemed to have lost her footing on the slippery marble steps.

The President said to the press, "Don't take that picture."

Sorry, Mr. President, but the picture is popping up across the nation. Everything else in this elegant affair went off without a hitch.

And INSIDE EDITION has learned that the little girl who revealed to Michelle Obama that her mother did not have immigration papers won't cause the woman to be deported.

"My mom said, she said that Barack Obama is going to take away everybody that doesn't have papers," the little girl told the First Lady.

"That's something that we have to work on, right? To make sure that peole can be here with the right kind of papers," said Michelle Obama.

"But my mom doesn't have any papers," said the girl.

"Well, we have to work on that," Michelle Obama said.

The girl's mother was reportedly terrified about federal authorities coming after her. But immigration officials won't take action, according to a Department of Homeland Security spokesman.