Dating Proves Challenging, Even for Miss USA

After winning the 2012 Miss USA pageant, Nana Meriwether says she still has trouble finding a date, so she's joined the online dating pool. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She is clearly a stunning woman. After all, she was Miss USA 2012. So, you might find this really shocking: Nana Meriwether can't get a date.

"It's really hard to date in New York City," she said.

Meriwether thinks a lot of guys might be intimidated. First off, she's a towering six feet one inch tall.

"I was an All-American volleyball player for UCLA. I studied postgraduate work at USC for pre-med. I also started a nonprofit and a company. I don't know if all of that really intimidates guys," Meriwether said.

So, Meriwether is going online to find love. She's using a new IPhone app called Tinder. Her profile has only her first name, but the picture gives her story away. It's from her pageant swimsuit competition.

The app shows you available and interested people in your area. INSIDE EDITION asked Meriwether how the app works.

"If you see someone you like, you swipe this way. And if you don't [like them] you swipe this way," Meriwether said.

But aren't people shocked when they run across a former Miss USA on a dating site?

"The guys I've connected with have all asked, 'Are you really Miss USA? What's going on here?'" Meriwether said.
Miss USA has yet to go on a date with someone she's met online. Her search continues.