River of Mud Consumes Colorado Springs Road

A river of mud rushed down a highway in Colorado Springs, taking vehicles with it. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A river of mud washed a car away in Colorado and was all caught on video.

Ed Flanagan was on his way home when he became trapped by a river of black muck flowing over Highway 24 outside Colorado Springs.

"All of the sudden this black water freight train was coming down toward me," Flanagan said.

He captured the frightening scene on his iPhone.

"As soon as I stopped I pulled out my iPhone because I saw a car floating by, and floating by is a gentle term. It was really racing by, going about 20 or 30 miles an hour in the mud," Flanagan stated.

The river of mud was just 15 feet from Flanagan's car. He was trapped. He feared the people in the cars flying by might not get out alive.

"It was a tremendous black river of water and mud and debris that was flowing past very quickly. In fact, you couldn't stand up in it, it would sweep you away," he said.

First responders raced to the scene. The injured were loaded into ambulances and bulldozers went to work clearing a path of escape for the trapped cars.

Fortunately, no one died. But, Flanagan says he feels lucky.

"I feel blessed by God to have come out of this okay," Flanagan said.