Women Subjected To Cavity Search By Cops

Two women said they were violated by police officers who subjected them to cavity searches during a traffic stop. INSIDE EDITION has their story.

These two young women say they were subjected to a police cavity search. One woman was in her bikini, and her friend was in her daisy dukes.

Brandy Hamilton, on the left, and Alexandria Randle say the searches conducted on a highway amounted to sexual assault.

Hamilton told INSIDE EDITION, "Watching this video makes me feel violated. I'm disgusted. I was violated. It was just horrible. Horrible."

The ordeal started when the two friends were on the way home from Surfside Beach outside Houston and were pulled over for allegedly speeding. Both were wearing their beach swimwear.

"All I had on was this skimpy bikini bottom and top. I was so embarrassed," said Hamilton.

Randle told INSIDE EDITION, "I was wearing these. I think he referred to them as daisy duke shorts."

As the cop ordered 26-year-old Brandy Hamilton to get out, she can be heard on dashcam video asking if she can get dressed first.

"Can I put my dress on because I have my swimsuit," said Hamilton.

"No, don't worry about it, come on out here," said the officer.

Hamilton stated, "He wouldn't allow me to cover up and I don't understand why."

Both women were handcuffed.

On the police dashcam video, the trooper said he smelled marijuana in the car.

"You can smell the weed in the car. I'm about to search that," said the officer.

The trooper radioed for a female trooper to help conduct the search.  

"Do you have a female deputy to check by my location to search these two females."

Then Brandy was placed in a police cruiser and the cop described in no uncertain terms, what the female officer would do next.

"She's about to get up close and personal with the women areas," said the officer.

Hamilton told INSIDE EDITION, "He pretty much told me that she was going to go in my private area."

On the dashcam video Hamilton said, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the officer.

Hamilton can be seen on the video grimacing as she was subjected to the full cavity search.

"I wouldn't open my legs for her, so she pretty much forced my legs open. While this is going on the two male officers are at the passenger door watching," stated Hamilton.

Twenty-four-year-old Alexandria Randle says she was in another cruiser, and was also given a cavity search.

Randle told INSIDE EDITION, "I couldn't believe it. I still didn't believe it when I saw it was happening to her. I thought, 'She is not going to come over here and do that to me.' "

Hamilton says the cops found no marijuana but she was given a citation for drug possesion and speeding.

The women are now suing the police department. Their lawyer, Allie Booker told INSIDE EDITION, "The issue here is that we have two women who women who were taken advantage of."

Hamilton and Randle walked INSIDE EDITION through the dashcam video that captured the event. Randle had never seen it before.

"Oh my god. This is awful," said Randle.

The Texas Department of Public Safety told INSIDE EDITION, "The department does not and will not tolerate any conduct that violates...the DPS training or policy."

"It devastated me. I'm still devastated," said Hamilton.

The female cop was fired and the male officer was suspended pending an investigation.