Sharknado Takes A Bite Out of Social Media

The made-for-TV movie, Sharknado is far from Osar caliber, but it had everyone talking on social media. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the TV movie making a huge splash.

Everyone's talking about Sharknado, the low-budget made-for-TV movie, starring two stars whose careers have seen better days—Ian Zehring of Beverly Hills 90210 and American Pie's Tara Reid. It debuted on the SYFY channel Thursday night.

The plot is downright ludicrous. Hundreds of man-eating sharks are hurled at Los Angeles by a tornado.

But it really captured viewer's imaginations, within minutes social media went crazy.

"Omg omg OMG #sharknado!" tweeted actress Mia Farrow. Even 68-year-old actress Farrow was thrilled by Sharknado.

Actresses Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks were also watching from home and plotted their own tongue-in-cheek sequel, "This is our chance to play Siamese twins," Wilde tweeted "two heads, one magnificent shark tail. Emmys all around!"

Even the Red Cross got in on the fun, "We survived the #sharknado! Be prepared for real situations, though!"

Folks at home even got a kick out of it. One viewer even wrote a song about it.

No-one seemed to mind the cheesy special effects and over-the-top acting. In one scene the heroes use a helicopter to battle the airborne sharks.

One jokester tweeted, "they must have spent hundreds of dollars on special effects!"

And he's wasn't far off, the movie cost less that $2 million to make.

Already, some are suggesting sequels like, “Wolfcano,” “Bearnami” and “Lizard Blizzard.”

Don't laugh too hard, it could very well happen now that there's a big appetite for B-movies with bite.