Man's Dying Wish Leaves Waitress With $500 Tip

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Seth Collins who is carrying out his late brother's wish of leaving a $500 tip that has grown to a nationwide quest.

Seth Collins is about the give a very lucky waitress the biggest tip of her life. INSIDE EDITION followed Seth on his journey.

"I am about to give somebody a $500 tip. We're here in St. Louis, looking forward to giving someone a $500 tip," said Seth.

Seth's tipping tour of the U.S. started one year ago when his 30-year-old  brother, Aaron passed away. In his will, Aaron asked that his family leave someone a really big tip. Just one big tip. But when the story got out, donations started pouring in. Now, it's become Seth's life mission.

Watch our interview with Seth and the luck waitress.

"I have just over $60,000 to give away. So that will be 120 times. So far, the donations keep coming in, so I don't known exactly when I'll stop doing this," said Seth.

Seth is living out of his car as he makes an odessey across the USA to carry out his brother's last wish.

Today's lucky waitress was 42-year-old Laurie Radike, who works at the city diner in St. Louis. She didn't know INSIDE EDITION had been recording her.

Seth told Radike, "This is $500 for you from my older brother Aaron, and all the people who supported him over the past year."

Radike tearfully said, "Thank you so much. Thank you!"

For Radike, it couldn't come at a better time.

"I work 50 to 60 hours a week sometimes. Yeah, I need the money," she tearfully said.

Seth says his brother would be blown away by these acts of kindness.

"It's so wonderful to know that his spirit is still with us while we do this," said Seth.

Even in this fortunate moment for her, Radike remembers the young man gone too soon who made it possible.

"I'm so sorry about your brother," said Radike.