Stacy Keibler to Host New Reality Show

Stacy Keibler isn't letting her break up from George Clooney slow her down as she prepares to host a new reality show on Lifetime. INSIDE EDITION sat down with Keibler to get the scoop.

George Clooney's ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler isn't sitting around waiting for the phone to ring after breaking up with one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

Keibler told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm great."
Keibler hosting a new reality show: Supermarket Superstar that premieres July 22nd.

In the new Lifetime show, the contestants are chefs competing for a shot at having their creation launched in a national grocery chain.

Keibler tasted some of the chef's creations, including the crickets one man used as his secret ingredient.

INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Rencaño asked Keibler, "I haven't tried a cricket yet. Should I try one?"

"You should try it. You'll be pleasantly surprised!" Keibler said.

George Clooney also seems to be doing just fine after their split. He was photographed enjoying himself while having lunch in Italy, where he's spending summer vacation with his buddies.