Phineas The Dog Facing Death Row

Phineas is the dog on death row that has been convicted and accused of biting a child. Now, he's facing execution. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Seven-year-old Lexie Sanders is begging for the life of her dog, Phineas, a labrador retriever that is on "doggy death row." He's been on death row for more than a year after he allegedly bit Lexie's friend and was ordered to be put down.

Lexie begged, "Please don't kill my dog."

Many people in the town of Salem, Missouri are calling for Phineas to be freed. A Facebook page is dedicated to freeing the lab. Letters of support and presents for Phineas come in from around the world.

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Phineas' fate is being appealed in Missouri State Court while they wait for a Stay of Execution. The Sanders are allowed visitation rights. Lawyer Joseph Simon volunteers his services to represent Phineas. It's true, the dog has a lawyer.

Sanders told INSIDE EDITION, “The mayor has the power to, under the city ordinances, grant Phineas a pardon or a reprieve. So, when he says that his hands are tied, that is a bald-faced lie."

The case is reminding lots of people of The Wizard of Oz. Mayer Gary Brown is being compared to Elvira Gulch who portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West in the film.

Mayor Brown admits to having a traumatic episode in his childhood because of a dog.

Brown said, "I had a dog that bit somebody. It bit my cousin, ripped her apart. Her dad went in and grabbed a shotgun and blew the dog away. It had to happen."

Supporters of Phineas point to evidence they say proves that Phineas never even bit Lexie's little friend in the backyard of her house.

“If the bite came from a K-9, it has these long fangs, it would give four punctures. The bite in exhibit is an indecisive bite,” said one supporter.

As Lexie and her siblings await the outcome of the appeal, Lexie's dad has questions he can't answer, “They keep asking ‘When is Phineas coming home? When is Phineas coming home?’”