Casey Anthony's Parents Hold A Garage Sale

The parents of Casey Anthony have made headlines again after they were caught selling toys that might have belonged to their late granddaughter, Caylee. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There’s a cell phone video of a garage sale held by none other than the parents of the notorious Casey Anthony.

Cindy Anthony was caught on camera saying,  “We will be back and have another sale in about two to three weeks.”
And you won't believe this, George and Cindy Anthony were selling off toys that might have belonged to their slain granddaughter Caylee.

Neighbor Christina Werner shot the cell phone video which first ran on Radar Online.

"I was in utter shock. I was in disbelief," she told INSIDE EDITION.

She came across the garage sale at the home of Casey Anthony's grandparents in Mount Dora, Florida. Werner bought teddy bears, toys, and a Winnie-the-Pooh backpack that she believes could have been Caylee's.

"I was disgusted because of the fact that they were selling Caylee's items at a yard sale. I mean, I don't think there's anything more disgusting than that," said Werner.

Cindy Anthony gave INSIDE EDITION a tour of little Caylee's room five years ago. It was filled with stuffed animals and a picture of Winnie the Pooh was over her bed.  

"I don't think many people would have believed me if I would've said, 'Hey, guess what I did yesterday.  I went to a yard sale and saw George and Cindy Anthony at the yard sale, and these are the things I bought," said Werner.

George and Cindy Anthony's lawyer says they are upset that they were recorded without their knowledge. He said he couldn't confirm if those were little Caylee's things.

Now comparisons are being made between Casey Anthony, the so-called most hated woman in America, and George Zimmerman.

Along with Jose Biaz, Cheney Mason represented Casey Anthony when she was found not guilty two years ago. He says her life now is like being in a prison, and Zimmerman faces the same fate.  

"She exercises. She stays home. She reads. She watches television. That's her existence," said Mason.

Zimmerman may forever be linked to Casey Anthony, like in the joke comedian Bill Maher told David Letterman Tuesday night. "You know that they want to give George Zimmerman a gun now. The Florida state law is that he can get his gun back.  I say if he gets a gun, then Casey Anthony gets a baby," said Maher.

The joke got more boos than laughs, just like no one's laughing at this garage sale.