The New CBS Fall Line Up

CBS announced their new fall schedule, bringing back some veteran TV stars, along with a new version of a TV classic. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

In the new CBS fall line up we will see the return of some of TV's favorite actors and the remake of one TV's legendary television shows.

In the new version of Hawaii Five-O, series actor Alex O'Loughlin returns to Hawaii to investigate his father's death.

Hawaii Five-O is coming back to TV. Detective Steve McGarrett, famously played by the late Jack Lord, is now played by up-and-comer Alex O'Loughlin.

O'Loughlin said, "They're big shoes to fill for all of us."

And detective Danny "Danno" Williams, originally played by James MacArthur, will be played by Scott Caan.

Tom Selleck is making his return to prime time TV, playing the patriarch of a family of cops in the CBS drama Blue Bloods. Donnie Wahlberg plays his son.

Wahlberg said, "I beat 'em, she proscutes 'em, and he co-signs."

"And I cover it all up," added Selleck.

And Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, will be starring in his very first sitcom with an unusual title.

Shatner said, "The name of this show is [Expletive deleted] My Father Says. But in order for you to put it on the air, it's Bleep My Father Says."

Shatner said the premise of the show is, "An iracible father invites one or both of his sons to live with him because he's lonely."