Bride Sets Her Wedding Dress On Fire

One bride has raised the stakes on the popular “Trash the Dress” trend by setting her gown on fire. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

This bride was on fire on purpose! She had to run into the ocean to put out the flames.

It’s the most extreme case yet of the wild wedding trend known as "Trash the Dress." The video has gone viral, but is the dangerous stunt taking things too far? 

The "Trash the Dress" phenomenon is the latest way that brides try to make their wedding day  memorable. Newlyweds pose in their precious gowns in hopes of getting a jaw-dropping shot.

Mishaps do happen. Last summer, a beautiful, 30-year-old bride from Montréal drowned during a "Trash the Dress" photo shoot near a waterfall. Her heavy dress dragged her downstream.

Los Angeles photographer, Chrisanta Lopez's specialty is "Trash the Dress" photo shoots and her motto is "safety first."

She says, "We really need to keep our brides and grooms in mind and their safety when we're thinking about locations and what they're willing to do and what we want them to do."

The new bride on fire video was shot on the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. The bride's friend doused her dress with flammable liquid and set it on fire.

She was unscathed. Let’s hope the photos make the risky stunt all worthwhile!

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