Rolling Stone Cover Uproar Continues

A Rolling Stone cover of accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is sparking outrage, but this isn't the first time a magazine cover has caused controversy. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The Rolling Stone cover causing outrage is not the first time a magazine has had people seething.

This 2008 New Yorker magazine cartoon of then-presidential candidate Barrack Obama in Muslim dress, and Michelle in an afro with an AK47 slung over her shoulder triggered uproar. The Obama’s called it "tasteless and offensive."

Remember the photo of Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on the cover of a 2011 Newsweek? It also caused a storm.

Staff writer for Adweek, Emma Bazilian said, "There was some speculation that because Newsweek was perceived to be a little bit more left-leaning, they'd actually chosen an unflattering photo in order to make her look worse because she was a conservative candidate."

Time magazine caused a furor after OJ Simpson was arrested in the death of his wife and her friend. The magazine darkened Simpson’s face when they put his mugshot on the cover.

Bazilian continued, "A lot of people thought that they were actually trying to pull the race card in order to make him appear like more of a sinister character."

And there's the famous National Lampoon cover with a pistol being held to the head of a dog, with its headline "If you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog."

It’s since become a humor classic, but when it was first published in 1973 it was viewed with horror by pet lovers.

Meanwhile, the controversy over Rolling Stone's cover featuring accused Boston bomber Dhokar Tsarnaev is still growing.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said, "The cover is out of taste, I think."

Critics say the cover of Rolling Stone, normally the preserve of stars like Rihanna and Zac Effron, occupies a special place in pop culture, in a way that a news magazine does not. That's why this cover is causing such a stir.