Finding Humor In Massive Heat Wave

A heat wave is gripping much of the nation, but some are finding humor as they sweat in the stifling temperatures. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The heat wave of 2013 is just too much for some people to take. 

One woman is an overnight YouYube sensation because of her hilarious take on the summer sizzle.

In the video she says, "It is 91,000 damn degrees. When I prayed during the winter months, I asked the Lord to make it warm. I did not say, 'Lord, please bring the Devil from hell. That's not what I asked for."

With the heat wave seizing much of the nation, one guy made a video of himself cooling off in a shower, while pouring ice cubes over his head and eating ice cream.

And while these amateur comedians are making us laugh, the pros are finding the funny too.

David Letterman said, "You know, we're in a heatwave. For 10 days in a row it's been over 140 degrees in New York City."

Jay Leno said, "It's so hot in Washington, Joe Biden is getting so delirious and actually started making sense."

Jimmy Kimmel joked, "In the valley here in L.A. it's supposed to get to 104 this weekend, which is dangerous because a lot of our women here in L.A. are 40 percent plastic."

But the YouTube sensation known as KrissyChula has really got her pulse on the heatwave when she says on her video, "Lord you need to delegate temperature and weather to someone else. Where the hell is Moses? I cannot deal with this. I am not tropical. I am not a damn tucan."

She ends with a prayer. "Jesus, be a rain drop or central air, because I cannot breathe."