Eliot Spitzer Braves Appearance On 'Colbert Report'

Stephen Colbert pulled no punches with his guest, Eliot Spitzer who's back on the political stage after his notorious sex scandal. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Eliot Spitzer faced his toughest interview yet, last night on The Colbert Report.

A red-faced Spitzer could only laugh as Stephen Colbert milked the sex scandal that brought him down.

Colbert said, "Given a position of this responsibility, shouldn't the job of comptroller go to someone who has shown a modicum of self-comptrol?"

Then Colbert asked, "Before you had your fall from grace, or whatever her name was, you were the governor of the state! Aren't you both at the same time, above and below this job?"

Colbert rounded out the interview with one final zinger, asking, "You're leading in the polls. It seems that voters are more forigiving than they used to be. Do you think that signals progress for our country or the slow decay of our moral values?"

Spitzer responded with a simple, "Wow."