Boy and Dog Locked in Sweltering Car

A four-year-old boy and his dog were locked inside a car in the heat wave that is gripping the nation. INSIDE EDITION reports on their rescue.

A four-year-old boy was trapped in a sweltering car with his little Chihuahua in a parking lot in a very hot Palmdale, California.

Police were trying to avoid bashing in the window because they didn't want to injure the four-year-old child. They hoped he'll be able to follow their instructions and unlock the door, but it seemed to be stuck.

The boy's mom had accidentally locked the car with the keys inside and her son strapped in his car seat.

Cops told the little boy, “Come on you can do it. Hit that button there.”

Fortunately, the little guy finally got out. He and his dog are ok.  

A police officer asked, "Was it hot in there?"

The boy said, "Yes! Super hot!"