Stuntmen Superheroes Save Woman's Life

It looked like a promo stunt for a new movie at Comic-Con, but rescuers saved a woman dangling from a balcony at the event. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the real-life heroes.

It was a dramatic life-or-death moment when a woman dangled from a 14th floor balcony and was saved by real-life superheroes.

They were professional Hollywood stuntmen and one of them sneaked up behind the woman and locked her in a bear hug. The other two stuntmen quickly put a harness around her and dragged her to safety as the crowd below cheered.

It happened at San Diego's Comic-Con, the annual event that draws stars like The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence and Superman star Henry Cavill, and where many attendees dress up as their favorite movie and comic book characters.  

The stuntmen, Gregg Sergeant and Scot Schecter, were setting up scaffolding to perform a live stunt to promote the new movie, Kick Ass 2. They heard screams and saw the woman hanging from the 14th floor balcony railing right across the street.

"At that point it didn't look good so we just immediately said, 'Let's go get her,'" Sergeant said.

Police say the woman had been drinking and was distraught over breaking up with her boyfriend.

"I saw her behind the glass, leaning out at the patio. So, I knew at that point, I better be really quiet about opening this door or she might go," Sergeant said.

It was lucky that these real-life superheroes were there to save the day.

"There was only one thing in mind and that was to make sure that that girl lives to see another day," Sergeant stated.