What Was It Like Inside Duchess Kate's Delivery Room?

In England, the medical support for a mom giving birth is a bit different than it is here. INSIDE EDITION went into the type of birthing room popular with many new British moms like Duchess Catherine.

What is it like inside Duchess Kate's delivery room? INSIDE EDITION visited Gracefull, an alternative birthing center in Silverlake, California that's much like those found in England.

Inside, there is a tub, or birthing pool, where a mother can give birth under water. It has slots for her feet and handles on the sides. The baby is monitored at all times.

ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton said, "Most women will say that delivering in the water is a more pleasant, comfortable experience for the mother."

A birthing swing supports a mother during birth as midwife Sarah Smith explained.

"She's in a great squatting position and it allows her hips are open to allow the most room for the baby to come down," Smith said.

Kate could also use a birthing chair so William or a midwife could comfort her during labor.

If the pain is overwhelming for Kate, English doctors might use a drug that's almost unheard of for birth in the United Stated: laughing gas.

"This was common in the 1960s in this country to take the edge off pain and discomfort during labor," Dr. Ashton said.

And there's another option Kate's reportedly considering to deal with the pain: hypnosis, also known as "hypnobirthing."

"Anytime you have the opportunity to alter the perception of your body with mind or mental exercise, I think there's absolutely no downside," Dr. Ashton said.

Whatever kind of delivery Princess Kate chooses, this is sure to be a royal birth for the ages.