Couple Gets Married a Year After Aurora Shooting

After nearly dying a year ago during the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, one couple decided to mark the occasion with their wedding. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Their wedding marked the best day of their lives and it took place on the anniversary of the worst day of their lives.

Eugene Han and Kirstin Davis exchanged vows on Saturday, one year to the day after they survived the movie theater massacre that took the lives of twelve people.

James Holmes, the self-styled "Joker" who's pleading insanity, used an assault rifle to fire a barrage of bullets in a packed movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Han was shot in the knee and hip while shielding Kirstin from harm.

The choice of this unusual wedding date was his idea.

"I asked her and she kind of freaked out at first," Han said.

But then, Kirstin realized that getting married on that date would have a healing effect on a very grim day.

"I thought about it and I was like, 'You know, I think you're right.' I think July 20th would be a really good day to get married," Davis said.

The whole community came together for the wedding and a local business called Altitude Digital paid for the reception.

Among those in the wedding party were other survivors of the massacre. When the magic moment arrived, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

In years to come what will this date mean to this couple?

"A day of happiness," Davis said.

"A day of remembrance," Han added.