Oldest McDonald's Employee Is Much-Loved

Sara Dappen, a retired bookkeeper, is the oldest McDonald's employee in the world. INSIDE EDITION talked to the 92-year-old.

(Original Air Date: July 23, 2013)

Sara Dappen is spending her golden years working at the golden arches. At 92, she is the oldest McDonald's employee in the world.

One customer told her, "You're a star."

She's a much-loved worker at the McDonald's in Story City, Iowa. She's worked there for five years.

Sara's doctor advised the retired bookkeeper to stay active after she had a hip replacement. The McDonald's job was perfect. She works a four hour shift, five days a week, and her duties include helping keep the place spotless.

"She's a fast worker, more than I can say for some of our younger workers," said one of Sara's co-workers.

"I'm happy that I can work and be productive," said Sara.

Now that's what you call a real golden girl.