67-Year-Old Twins Swept Out to Sea by Massive Wave: 'They Will Be Truly Missed'

The twin sisters often traveled together.
Barbara Thomas and Beverly Skripsky were vacationing in Mexico when tragedy struck. Matt Skripsky/Facebook

The twin sisters drowned while vacationing in Mexico.

Twin sisters tragically lost their lives on a family vacation when a rogue wave violently swept them from a Mexican beach and dragged them out to sea.

Sixty-seven-year-old twins Barbara Thomas and Beverly Skripsky drowned in the waters off Cabo San Lucas near a house they were renting, family members said.

The sisters, who often vacationed together with their husbands, were three days into a week-long holiday and walking on the beach when they were suddenly pulled into the Pacific Ocean.

“They will both be truly missed by all who knew their friendly smiles, warm personalities, and kind, unwavering spirit to help anyone in need,” their online obituary reads.

The two were described as devoted wives, mothers and grandmothers. Thomas lived in McKinney, Texas, and Skripsky lived in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Barbara was retired, but volunteered with Head Start and Meals on Wheels. She previously had worked as director of an assisted living facility.

Beverly had a career as a travel agent and resort concierge.

The women had traveled the world with each other and recently visited Dubai. 

“We are still in shock from this unbelievable tragedy,” Beverly’s son, Matt Skripsky, told People magazine. “Dangerous waves ended the lives of two wonderful women.”

Tourists are warned about the sometimes treacherous waves and riptides around the popular Mexican resort area. 

Barbara’s husband, Steve Thomas, said the women were overwhelmed by a wave that rose from 10 feet to 15 feet in seconds.

“They found two women out at sea and I’m thinking, ‘Great, they found them’ and I say, ‘Are they OK?’ and he says, ‘I’m sorry to tell you, sir, but they’re deceased,’’’ Thomas told WMAQ-TV.