101 Uses for Your Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress?

When Kevin Cotter's wife divorced him, he decided he would find 101 things he could do with the wedding gown she left behind.  Cotter shows INSIDE EDITION some of the everyday uses he's come up with.

A spurned husband showed INSIDE EDITION the wedding dress that his wife left behind when she moved out.  When Kevin Cotter's wife left him after 12 years of marriage saying, "You can have the wedding dress," he found some uses for it you won't believe.

He used the wedding dress to strain pasta, as a yoga mat and even as a jump rope!  "I think my ex-wife's wedding dress works really well for  cleaning my car," Cotter said.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, in this case, hell hath no fury like a husband scorned!  

Cotter has even started a blog called "My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress" dedicated to finding 101 shall we say, rather obnoxious uses for it, even cleaning his soccer cleats.

"It makes a great tablecloth and doubles as a napkin also."  The wedding dress has been a dog toy, a drop cloth, an ice pack, and a banner at a University of Arizona football game.  The wedding dress served as a gas cap as Kevin drove it around his neighborhood in Tucson!  He even put a Darth Vader mask on the dress and made it into a scarecrow.

What Kevin is doing is getting lots of attention and his ex-wife is very upset.  She told INSIDE EDITION in a statement, "I left my wedding dress with my former husband for our 9-year-old daughter.  He informed me he had thrown the dress away.  I wish all the best to Kevin and hope he seeks counseling to deal with his anger and resentment. "

"I'm not intending to hurt her, it's not my intent at all." Cotter said.

Meanwhile, Cotter continues to find new ways to reach that magic number of 101.  When INSIDE EDITION caught up with him, he was checking off dress use number 83: shopping bag.  The cashier asked, "Paper of plastic?"  Cotter replied, "I have my own bag.  It's my ex-wife's wedding dress."

"I could be using this thing for a lot of things for a lot of years."