Dwyane Wade's Bitter Divorce May Be Ending

After six long years, the bitter divorce battle between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife may be coming to a close, but she is not going quietly. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A bizarre protest happened outside a courthouse in Chicago. A disgruntled ex-wife claims her former husband has left her homeless and destitute.

But this was no ordinary desperate housewife. Her name is Siohvaughn Wade, the ex-wife of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, the Miami Heat titan who just won the NBA championship.

She said, “Look what he's doing to the mother of his children.”

Wade has a $100 million contract with the Heat, but his ex claims she's homeless.

She said, “They're screwed me. They have already taken my children. Mr. Wade has left me destitute without any money.”

Siohvaughn and Dwyane have been in a bitter divorce battle for six years. They were high school sweethearts before marrying in 2002. They built a $4 mansion in a Chicago suburb with a grand staircase, marble floors and huge pool in the backyard. But the marriage fell apart in 2006 and the NBA star was awarded full custody of the couple's two boys.

She said, "Dwyane told me to my face that since I didn't make any [expletive] free-throws, that house wasn't mine and I was going to go back and live with my mother."

But the NBA star denies that he forced her out of the home.

Dwyane's attorney Jim Pritikin said, “It's a fantasy. He paid the insurance, he paid the real estate taxes, he paid the insurance for the automobiles, he paid the maintenance of the house, and $25,000 a month. Is that destitute? Is that homeless?"

She has hired and fired at least nine attorneys and she's been arrested twice, once for attempted abduction of the children. Those charges were dropped.

She's filed multiple lawsuits, even one against Wade's current girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, accusing her of causing distress to her children for having "sexual foreplay" in front of them.

Union's response was "Each and every allegation made is entirely false." That lawsuit was dismissed.

On Monday, a judge awarded Siohvaughn will get $5 million, the Chicago mansion and four cars.

"I am here fighting to get money that is owed to me, millions of dollars," she said.

Dwyane Wade has also asked for a gag order to stop his ex from talking about him in public.