Amanda Bynes Allegedly Starts Fire In Driveway, Held For Mental Evaluation

Amanda Bynes is caught in another bizarre incident, and this time it has landed her in the psychiatric ward. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is being held for mental evaluation after she allegedly set a fire in a total stranger's driveway. The scorch marks can still be seen in the driveway. 

A Ventura County sheriff's spokesman told INSIDE EDITION, "Amanda Bynes was involved in a disturbance in a residential neighborhood. She was detained and taken for a mental health evaluation."

Bynes was taken to a psych ward on a 5051 hold, an involuntary hospitalization for up to 72 hours.  

Seventy-three-year-old home owner Bonnie Braaten examined the damage Tuesday and said, "It's sad that someone would do something like this."

Bynes was reportedly visiting her parents in Los Angeles after a series of bizarre incidents in New York City where she now lives. The latest incident occurred just 200 yards from her parents' home. Police said Bynes was carrying "a little red gas tank" and burned part of her clothing in the fire.

Braaten said, "It could have been really bad if the gas can itself would have exploded."

In May, she was arrested after allegedly throwing a bong out of the 36th floor of her Manhattan apartment building. She was held for mental evaluation and charged with marijuana possession,  reckless endangerment and trying to tamper with evidence. She pled not guilty.

Now, her fans are hoping she's finally getting the help she needs.