Late Night Comics Join Royal Baby Mania

The late night comics joined in the frenzy of the royal baby with some royally funny jokes. INSIDE EDITION has the rundown.

Funnyman John Oliver on The Daily Show was poking fun at the worldwide frenzy over the birth of the royal baby, saying, "Oh my God! A son! A son! All kneel to the one true king!"

Oh, baby the jokes just keep coming.

Conan O'Brien joked, "The royal baby is eight pounds. Then again, you can't really put a price on a child."

Jay Leno was disappointed by the royal birth. Why? Leno said, "I was bummed because I was the one who was supposed to make the announcement. But they replaced me."

Leno cut to footage of a guy resembling Jimmy Fallon carrying the document, joking, "Isn't that Jimmy Fallon?"

No, Jay. But Jimmy Fallon was busy in his show using the royal baby to make fun of the entire royal family.

Fallon joked, "Kate went into labor, and when the rest of the royal family heard that, they said, 'Oh my God, what's labor?'"

Remember when Michael Jackson famously dangled his baby son Blanket over a hotel balcony? Well, a photo has surfaced of Prince William and Princess Kate doing the same thing with their baby. Of course, the photo's a fake, but it is funny.

David Letterman joked on his show, "I'm Dave Letterman, or as the staff likes to call me, the royal baby."

Letterman Continued with his goofy take on the royal birth, joking, "Here's the queen celebrating on the balcony, right after the baby was born" and then cut to an image of the queen smoking a cigarette.