Royal Baby Named George Alexander Louis

The little prince is given a name, and after giving birth to her son, Duchess Kate proudly shows off her postpartum tummy. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the royal baby.

It's official! The royal baby has a name, and it's quite a mouthful: George Alexander Louis!

The big news came in a statement from Kensington Palace: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis. The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge."

George had been the bookmakers' top choice for the baby's first name. The queen's father was George the Sixth, who was portrayed by Colin Firth in his Oscar-winning performance in The King's Speech.

TV personality Amanda Holden told INSIDE EDITION about her reaction to the name. She said, "Oh, it is absolutely gorgeous. And as we know, the queen had an incredible relationship with her father, George the Sixth. So if this little guy ever became king, he'd be George the Seventh, which is a lucky number as well."

William, Kate and their little prince were on the move on Wednesday, leaving Kensington Palace to spend the next few weeks in the quaint village of Bucklebury, where Kate's parents live.

"I know from the medical team that a few of the staff from the hospital snuck out of the hospital with them yesterday to settle them into their nursery and at home, and hopefully ensured they got a good night sleep," said Holden.

The world is still buzzing over the first public appearance of the future king and Kate confidently showing off her so-called "mummy tummy."

Natalie Morales of the Today show said, "It didn't seem like Kate was trying to hide that she just had a baby. She still had the little leftover bump left."

Some moms bind down their post-baby bump with a belly band. Not Kate! “Kate Middleton stood up for new mums everywhere... completely unembarrassed by her postpartum tummy,” says The Daily Beast.

Holden said, "The reaction in Britain has been fantastic that she didn't even try to hide it. She just looked like any normal mother, except obviously she didn't. She had beautifully quafted hair."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with a group of new moms exercising in Los Angeles. They feel inspired by Kate showing off her bump. "She came out and she was just real. She was real. She showed her mummy tummy. She wasn't afraid to just be who she is, and to let people know 'This is what you look like after you have a baby,'" said one of the new mothers.

Kate is also facing the pressure to breastfeed. "I understand from her medical team that she is trying to do it," said Holden. "So, hopefully it's going well for her, but if it doesn't, there's nothing wrong with formula." 

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Dr. Lisa Masterson, co-host of The Doctors and an OB/GYN specialist. She said, "There is a lot of pressure. She shouldn't think about that pressure; they should think about family."

There are great advantages to breastfeeding for baby and mom. Dr. Masterson said, "If she breastfeeds, that actually will help her to lose the weight a little bit quicker."

Kate's $1,500 baby blue polka dot dress was custom-made and won't be available to the public, but already, similar maternity dresses are selling like hotcakes.

We've also learned that the blanket covering the baby truly is truly fit for a king, with a price tag of about $150! Victoria Beckham used the same one for her baby girl, Harper.

All in all, there's been quite a lot of fuss over a little baby, by George!