In Line For British Throne, at Number 97

INSIDE EDITION tracked down one American man who could be the next King of England, if all other 96 options were to fall through.

As the world welcomed little Prince George, one guy in California was paying extra close attention. His name is Bill Capell, a retired grocery clerk from Yuba City, a small town north of Sacramento.

He's just a regular guy who shares his humble home with wife, Sandy, son, Kevin and their beloved Dachshunds. But Bill is not all he seems. Believe it or not, he has a claim to the British throne. He was 96th in line until Prince George was born.

Bill told INSIDE EDITION, "Now that the royal baby was born, that puts me down another notch to 97th."

So, how did this 62-year-old American become British royalty? He an heir to the legendary title, the Earl of Essex. Yes, that Earl of Essex, the nobleman who had an affair with Queen Elizabeth I. The scandal became a 1939 movie starring Errol Flynn and Bette Davis.

The current Earl is 69 and has no children. So, when he dies Bill will become the Earl of Essex. Sandy will become Lady Essex. They've already had their title stamped on their license plates.

So, what are the chances that Bill could one day become the King of England? It would take a catastophic event, like in the movie King Ralph, where the entire royal family dies in a freak accident and a Vegas lounge singer, played by John Goodman becomes king.

In the unlikely event that happens, Bill is ready and willing to take the throne.

Bill said, "I'd be glad to step up and do my best."