Backlash Grows Against Huma Abedin

Sympathy for Huma Abedin has turned to backlash for continuing to stand by husband Anthony Weiner. Does she have political aspirations of her own? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Huma's on the hotseat.

"She's Even Worse. Why We're Mad At Huma," says the New York Post headline.

Columnist Cindy Adams claims that Huma Abedin has "manic ambition."

And this from The New York Times: "Many...Women Are Baffled AT Loyalty Shown By Weiner's Wife."

On CNN, Donny Deutsch said, "She has chosen that she wants to be married to the mayor of New York, and made a very deliberate decision. And it's fair game at this point."

Abedin, once a top aide to Hillary Clinton, used to have the sympathy of Americans for standing by her sexting husband. But the tide seems to be turning.

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein told INSIDE EDITION, "She went from not just standing by her man, but standing up for her man. That is risky because voters in New York have decided, first of all to forgive him and give him a second chance. Now, he's asking for a third chance, and I think that changes the whole equation."

So, what does the other woman at the heart of the firestorm, Sydney Leathers, think of the criticism raining down on Abedin?

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret said to Leathers, "Many people believe that she's in this for the power, for the fame, for the stature."

"I wouldn't disagree with that. I do think that probably is part of it," said Leathers.

"So, in a sense, do you believe that Anthony Weiner's wife has made a deal with the Devil, and she's going to stand by his side no matter what?"

"Yes. It almost feels to me like it's more of an arrangement or a business relationship, than a marriage," said Leathers.

We also spoke to psychiatrist Gail Saltz who said, "The reality is, she's a political strategist. She may believe that this is best for them if he can win this election."

Abedin is in seclusion at her New York City apartment. "She's not fine and she's not in good spirits," the New York Daily News quotes a close friend as saying.

Her heartache may be far from over. Today, Weiner admitted that he may have engaged in online sexual relationship with up to three women since resigning from Congress. He also denies that he's a sex addict.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Klein, "How will this impact her political careeer?"

"Her fortunes, as long as she stays with him, will be tied to Anthony Weiner's fortunes," said Klein.

Meanwhile, the late night jokes keep on coming.

On the Late Show, David Letterman joked, "Be prepared. The show may run a little longer than usual, and I'll tell you why. We have about 300 Anthony Weiner jokes to get through."

Jay Leno devoted the first six minutes of his monologue to non-stop Weiner cracks.

Leno said, "Before we get to the show, I want everyone to turn off their cell phones. It has nothing to do with our program, we just want to protect you from Anthony Weiner. He may try to send you a text."

Leno kept the punches coming with, "You know, Anthony Weiner said yesterday, he wants closure. You want closure? Start with your zipper. Close your zipper. Start with that."