Scariest Bridge Accident Caught on Tape

More terror on the scariest bridge in America. INSIDE EDITION obtained video of the near-death accident that sent a woman plummeting off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

A struggle to live was caught on tape.

An exhausted 22-year-old woman swam to the rocks after her car plunged off the scariest bridge in America. She was out of breath and held on for dear life.

Morgan Lake's car was rear-ended and pushed over the edge of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland last week. Her car was sinking and she was still in it.

A video, just obtained by INSIDE EDITION, showed the true horror of what she experienced.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Lake earlier this week who said, “My car was in water and I knew that I was deep. When I looked to the left I saw the rocks under the bridge so I swam to them.”

Scott Fortney shot the video on his cell phone. He was three cars behind Lake on the bridge.

He said, “The first thing I saw was the tractor trailer slide to the left. Then her car seemed to teeter-totter, but then it went in to the water. There was a fantastic guy that was continually talking to her and reassuring her. He had made a connection with her.”

In the video a man says, “You got to hold on. Help is coming. You're going to be fine. The ambulance is two minutes away.”

Fortney said, "One of the first thing she said was 'Call my mom.'"

Morgan clung to the rocks until help finally arrived.

She said, “It's easy to give up but you got to be your own superhero. You have to believe you can do it.”

The driver who hit Ms. Lake has not been charged but an investigation is still continuing.