Seinfeld Fans See Connection to Prince George

Could Prince William and Kate have been inspired by Seinfeld when they chose a name for their royal baby? Some Seinfeld fans think so. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Brace yourself for an eerie connection between the royal baby, George Alexander Louis and....Seinfeld?

How could that legendary sitcom about neurotic New Yorkers have influenced the naming of a future king?

Well, George is the name of that lovable loser, George Costanza, whose real name is Jason Alexander. And Louis? Well, the actress playing Elaine is Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Stephen Colbert believes in the Seinfeld connection, saying on The Colbert Report, "Because just like Seinfeld, the English royal family is really about nothing."

In one episode, George Costanza says, "I proclaim this the summer of George!"

Jason Alexander is certainly having fun with it. Remember that episode where his gym teacher gave him a wedgie and made fun of his name, Constanza calling him, "Can't stand ya!"

Jason just tweeted: "Let me highly suggest that when the royal caravan goes by, do not yell out, "Can't stand ya." They'll send ya to the tower."

In the show, when George got upset, he would yell out, "Serenity now!" Jason Alexander referred to it in another tweet about the royal baby.

"So honored that the future King of England will bear the proud and noble name of "George." Serenity now!"

Serenity is what William, Kate and their baby are seeking now as they spend time in the quaint village of Bucklebury at the home of Kate's parents. Around the village, the locals like to unwind with a drink at a pub called the Olde Boot Inn. A tranquil setting for the future king, in what is sure to be remembered as, "The summer of George!"