EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Leathers Offers Support To Anthony Weiner's Wife

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively with the woman at the center of the raunchy Anthony Weiner sexting scandal who is offering support for the shamed politician's wife.

A message of support for Anthony Weiner's long-suffering wife has come from the woman who triggered the latest sexting scandal.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked Sydney Leathers, "Do you believe he really cares about his wife?"

She said, "I hope so. But I also feel he's not worthy of her."

Moret then asked, "Do you think she's making a mistake by staying with him?"

"I don't really think it is my place to say, but if I were her I wouldn't stay," said Leathers.

Moret then asked, "In your heart, do you think Huma can ever trust Anthony Weiner?"

"I don't think it would be smart to trust him," she said.

23-year-old college sophomore Leathers choked up in sympathy when she watched Huma Abedin defend her husband at that jaw-dropping news conference.

Moret asked, "Do you see a woman there in pain?"

"Absolutely and I’m very empathetic and I feel for her. I feel terrible that I am part of that," said Leathers.

Leathers says Huma is being unfairly attacked for once again standing by her husband. She’s being called "pathetic" and "a doormat."

Leathers said "I think that's disgusting. No one should be criticizing her for his mistakes. That's wrong."

Her opinion of Weiner, however, is less sympathetic.

Moret asked, “What was your reaction to his news conference?”

"I just feel nauseous, literally nauseous, when I see him. You get to know someone and you think they're this other person and you find out they're kind of a sexual deviant and that's it,” said Leathers.

She engaged in a sexting spree with Weiner even after he resigned from Congress in disgrace and went into therapy for sending inappropriate photos and texts to other women.  

At the time of that first scandal, Leathers, a politics junkie, sent Weiner a Facebook message, saying how disappointed she was in him. She said he waited a year before replying, also on Facebook. They were soon exchanging text messages too.

She said, "It was always a very sexual tone."

"So it would never be say, 'What did you do today?' 'How are you doing?' It would always go right to sex?," asked Moret.

She said, "No, we asked each other normal questions like that too, but it always led straight to the sexual stuff."

Leathers, who never met Weiner in person, read Moret one of the raunchy text messages she said the would-be mayor of New York City sent her.

She read one text that said, "He said, 'I like to whisper in your ear while I make love to you. Is that ok?' I said, 'More than ok. Just the idea of it turns me on so much.' He said, 'Taking a shower, want to join me?' I said, 'That sounds perfect." 

Some of the other texts were even more X-rated.

She read, "I walk into a hotel room and you're at the end of the bed, naked except for some amazing [expletive] me shoes. Your legs are spread, your feet are on the ground, you're leaning slightly forward looking completely in charge. And I said you know, we could always make that fantasy a reality."