EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Leathers Talks More About Her Relationship With Anthony Weiner

Sydney Leathers reveals more about her relationship with New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Anthony Weiner's relationship with Sydney Leathers went beyond racy texts.

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She said, "We had phone sex."

Moret asked, "When you say you had phone sex, how often would this happen?"

"A couple of times a week," said Leathers.

Moret asked, "Would he call you? Or would you call him?"

"He always called me and he blocked his number. I think he learned from the first scandal to be a little bit more careful at least,” she said.

Moret asked, "Would almost all conversations be sexual in nature?"

"All of them were. He frequently liked to tell me about these fantasies he had about me, or sexual dreams he had about me,” she said.

Moret asked, "Like what?"

"I remember one specific time I was on a train to Chicago and he knew that I was on a train to Chicago, but still insisted that he had to call me and tell me about this sex dream he had about me in the shower," she said.

Leathers said she couldn't call Weiner because she didn't even have his phone number.

She said the specter of the first Weiner scandal haunted their online relationship that started in July 2012 and ended six months later.

Leathers said, "I was shocked and taken aback by the fact that he was willing to do this all over again, considering what happened in the first scandal. But, it was a nice dirty little secret to have for a while. At the time it was oddly flattering and now it's creepy."

She said she exposed Weiner because he was playing what she called, "The changed man card," telling voters that his raunchy ways were behind him.

"He's lying. That is my biggest problem with it," she said.

She was badly affected by Weiner's family-man campaign embodied in a People magazine story on him, his wife, and their new baby. Leathers said the People article came out early in her online relationship with Weiner.

"I felt horrible. Absolutely horrible. Especially that People magazine article, appearing to be a happy family. I did feel guilty," she said.

Her mother was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying "God help New York if Weiner is mayor."

Before we began our interview, Leathers phoned her mom to ask her to be more discreet. She told her mother, "You need to not say a word, don't answer the door, and just be quiet, basically."

She scoffs at Weiner's claim that the new scandal makes little difference to his mayoral campaign.

"I thought that was so absurd. Obviously this is a game-changer whether he wants to believe it or not," she said.

Moret asked, "Would you vote for him?"

She simply said, "No."