Cleveland DJ Brings Amanda Berry On Stage At Concert

It was a hero’s welcome for kidnap victim Amanda Berry who was introduced on a concert stage by a local Cleveland DJ. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Kidnapping victim Amanda Berry made a brave public appearance before thousands of people.

The crowd at a concert in Cleveland erupted in cheers, chanting 27-year-old Berry’s name.

There was even a man cuddling up next to Berry, could it be a new boyfriend? Their hands were clasped together. He nuzzled her neck, and his arms never left her.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent Skyped with Cleveland WMMS DJ Rover, who invited Berry to the concert. He was shocked when she actually showed up.

Trent asked, “Did you get a sense of whether they were boyfriend/girlfriend and how long they had known each other?”

Rover said, “They obviously knew each other well. But, I am not sure who he was or what the relationship was.”

The mystery man has only been identified as somebody Berry has known since childhood.

Rapper Nelly praised Berry who was held prisoner for 10 years.

Nelly said, "I can't even imagine the strength and courage."

Trent said, “I know Nelly has been around for a while, but I am surprised she even knew his music.”  

Rover replied, “We actually did a bit of research and at the time she was kidnapped, Nelly, right around that time had the number one song in the nation.”

Berry embraced her older sister, who never gave up hope that she would be found and danced to the music.

Meanwhile, the son of kidnapper Ariel Castro is speaking out for the first time, just three days after his father accepted a plea deal for life in prison plus 1,000 years.

Anthony Castro said on the Today show, "I think it is the best possible sentence. If he really can't control his impulses and if he doesn't have any value for human life the way this case has shown, he belongs behind bars."

Anthony Castro says he doesn't plan to see his father ever again.

He said, "He's been lying to family for 10, 11 years at every possible turn, I have no trust in him, I can't see myself going to visit him."

A monster heads to jail, while one of his victims manages to experience joy, once again.