Married to a Sex Addict

Peggy Bennett is married to a sex addict who is also a former NBA star. INSIDE EDITION talks candidly to Peggy about the living through her marriage crisis and where she stands today.

Peggy Bennett talks about the moment she discovered her husband was a sex addict, saying, "I was devastated."

He had cheated on her not once but hundreds of times, sleeping with as many as 90 different women a month.

"It was unbelievable, that's all I can say to you. Hearing him tell me face to face of women he had been with," said Peggy.

Peggy says she can relate to both Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods's wife Elin.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Peggy, "What is Elin going through right now?"

"She is going through a private hell," replied Peggy.

Peggy says she thought she had found the perfect man in former NBA star Winston Bennett. He played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and was an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics.

Alexander asked Winston, "How long after you got married did you sleep with another woman?"

"The next day," replied Winston.

Alexander asked, "Literally, the next day?"

"Literally the next day," said Winston.

Bennett finally fessed up to his sex addiction when the Boston Celtics fired him after he was caught having sex with a college coed. That's when he told his wife everything.

Peggy says she was pushed to thoughts of taking her own life.

"I got in my car and I said, this is it. I could hear voices saying 'Peggy, just ram the car into the median and you won't have to deal with it anymore.' "

Like Tiger, Bennett went to rehab. Peggy says her strong faith helped her to forgive her husband.

"I was hurt. I was angry. But yet, I know you say, 'You stayed. You forgave.' And I did," said Peggy.