Wife Files For Divorce After Husband Posts Temper Tantrum Video Online

A newlywed is filing for divorce after her husband posted video of her having a temper tantrum online. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the husband.

It's the epic temper tantrum that's become an internet  sensation. A newlywed is freaking out because her husband refuses to take her to a party being held at a lake near their house.

She said, “I want to go on the lake!  Why can't we go on the lake?”

Now, the husband is under-fire for posting the video  online for the whole world to see.
On the tape you can actually hear him laughing at his wife.

"He ought to be ashamed for sharing something like that," one woman wrote.

"What a horrible husband," said another.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney spoke to James Mongiat. She asked, “What prompted you to videotape the tantrum? Were you doing it to humiliate her?”

He said, “No, I wasn't doing it to humiliate her. I was doing it to prove my side of the story.”

He says this wasn't his wife's first tantrum and he wanted video proof to show his family that he wasn't the bad guy.

He said, “I’ve seen it happen in my relationship so many times beforehand nobody believed me.”

But his 30-year-old wife, Whitney, who lives in Knoxville Tennessee, says she's “devastated” that he decided to share her epic temper tantrum. She calls  her husband a "bully" who provoked her into losing her temper.

In the video she screamed, “I want to go on the lake!”

He responded, “You're going to make me look like a bad guy.”

She replied, “Cause you are! you're not taking your wife on the lake!”

No surprise, Whitney has just filed for divorce.