Lindsay Lohan's X-Rated Movie Gets Mixed Reviews

Lindsay Lohan's new X-rated thriller is getting some interesting reviews as the starlet prepares to leave rehab. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on Lindsay.

It's the steamy new movie that Lindsay Lohan hopes will put her back on top, but The Canyons, an x-rated thriller that features Lindsay alongside a real-life porn star named James Deen, is getting mixed reviews.

The New York Post movie critic slams the movie as "a snoozer" and says 27-year-old Lindsay looks like "she's going on 50."

The Hollywood Reporter calls the movie "lame" and Lohan's performance as "okay but unexceptional."

Sophie Schillaci, a staff editor for The Hollywood Reporter, told INSIDE EDITION, "The general consensus among critics is that Lindsay is unfocused. She's kind of bland, boring. She's not really believable. They're not saying that this is a great performance by her."

But one review is raising eyebrows. Variety actually compares Lidsay's performance to screen legend Marlon Brando. "There's a little-girl-lost quality to the onetime Disney teen princess that's very affecting."

Lindsay was so flattered by the review that she actually responded on twitter. She tweeted, "Wow...humbled and feeling so much gratitude."

Lindsay was paid a paltry $100 per day for her role in The Canyons which had a budget of just $250,000. But she'll get a share of the profits if the movie makes any money.

Meanwhile, the actress is officially free to leave rehab on Wednesday, July 31, after 90 days. But she's reportedly decided to stay three or four days longer, saying she needs the extra time to "transition back to the outside world."